Kwick Bite, Inc. ("Kwick Bite")collects certain information through its websites located at www.Kwick privacy is important to Kwick Bite and this Privacy Policy lays out KwickBite's policies and procedures surrounding the collection and handling of suchinformation. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of thisPrivacy Policy, do not use the Sites. This Privacy Policy applies only to theSites. It does not apply to any restaurant websites, other third party serviceslinked to Kwick Bite Sites or offline activities related to Kwick Biteservices.Information Kwick Bite CollectsKwick Bite may collect the following information from users ofour Sites: first name, last name, street address, city, state, zip code, crossstreets (optional), phone number, e-mail address, Sites-specific display name,GPS location (mobile), electronic signature and credit card information (KwickBite stores only last four digits) (collectively, "Personally IdentifiableInformation" or "PII"). Kwick Bite is not intended for use bychildren under the age of 13, and Kwick Bite does not knowingly collect PIIfrom children under the age of 13. Use of the Sites requires that you registerand/or create an account ("Account") or use the Sites as a guest. Inaddition to the PII set forth above, Kwick Bite may collect informationregarding Account holders' Kwick Bite orders, gratuity amounts, favoriterestaurants, customer service inquiries, service/restaurant reviews, andcertain social networking preferences relating to the Sites (e.g. pages orentities you like, recommend or follow).Kwick Bite also collects aggregated information, demographicinformation and other information that does not reveal your specific identity("Non-PII"). Non-PII may include information about the device you useto access the Sites, information from referring websites and your engagementwith the Sites. Kwick Bite also aggregates certain information, certain orderdata, gratuity information, delivery locations, delivery driver mileage, anddelivery driver location. Kwick Bite may publish these statistics or share themwith third parties without including PII.Kwick Bite uses HTTPS cookies to collect information about youand your activity on the Sites. This information is retained perpetually. KwickBite uses this information to remember users on the Sites and to enhance users'experience on the Sites. For example, when users with Kwick Bite Accountsreturn to the Sites, cookies identify those users and allow the Sites toprovide certain user-specific information such as Kwick Bite accountinformation, past orders, favorite restaurants and user restaurant reviews. Tolearn more about cookies, visit Kwick Bite alsoworks with third parties for the purpose of advertisement delivery on theSites. The Non-PII collected about your visits to the Sites may be used bythird parties in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interestto you. These third parties may also set cookies to assist with advertisementdelivery services. To learn more about opting-out of cookie-targetedadvertising on the Sites (sometimes referred to as online behavioraladvertising or OBA). Visit tracking some browsers allow you to indicate that youwould not like your online activities tracked, using "Do Not Track"indicators ("DNT Indicators"), however, we are not obligated torespond to these indicators. Presently, we are not set up to respond to DNTIndicators. This means that while the Sites may track certain latentinformation about your online activities, the collected information will beused to improve your use of our Site and in ways consistent with the provisionsof this Privacy Policy.Kwick Bite's Use of Collected InformationKwick Bite uses PII to create users' Kwick Bite Accounts, tocommunicate with users (directly and through restaurants and delivery drivers)about Kwick Bite services, offer users additional services, assist withCustomer service inquiries, offer promotions and special offers, charge forpurchases and gratuities made through Kwick Bite and fulfill Kwick Bite orders.Users may opt to allow Kwick Bite to store certain PII used to create users' KwickBite Accounts, including, but not limited to, credit card information (lastfour digits only). Kwick Bite uses certain stored PII to customize future orderprocessing for you. You may request that Kwick Bite cease storing certain PIIat any time, but you might not be able to take advantage of certain customizedfeatures. Users may affirmatively opt-out of receiving promotionalcommunications from Kwick Bite by emailing us Kwick Bite may also use PII to enforce KwickBite Terms of Use.Kwick Bite does not sell the information it collects through theSites to third parties. Kwick Bite shares collected PII with restaurants anddelivery drivers only to the extent required to fulfill Kwick Bite orders. KwickBite also shares collected PII with third-party vendors and service providerswith whom Kwick Bite works to provide application programming interfaces("APIs") and other functions for the Sites in connection with thedelivery of Kwick Bite services only to the extent necessary to provide thoseAPIs and services. Full credit card numbers are transmitted to Kwick Bite'scredit card processor but are not stored by Kwick Bite. Kwick Bite allowscertain social media platforms to host plug-ins or widgets on the Sites whichmay collect certain information about those users who choose to use thoseplug-ins or widgets. Kwick Bite may also disclose PII to third parties such asattorneys, collection agencies, tribunals or law enforcement authoritiespursuant to valid requests in connection with alleged violations of Kwick Biteterms of use and service or other alleged contract violations, infringement orsimilar harm to persons or property.User-generated content posted through the Sites such asservice/restaurant reviews and certain social networking preferences (e.g.pages you "Like" or "Follow") may be viewed by the generalpublic. Accordingly, Kwick Bite cannot ensure the privacy of any PII includedin such user-generated content.Kwick Bite's Protection of PIIKwick Bite uses reasonable security measures equal to orexceeding industry standard to protect PII from unauthorized access, destruction,use, modification, and disclosure. Unfortunately, even with these measures, KwickBite cannot guarantee the security of PII. By using the Sites, you acknowledgeand agree that Kwick Bite makes no such guarantee and that you use the Sites atyour own risk.Accessing and Correcting Your PIIRegistered Kwick Bite Account holders can access and changetheir own PII using the "Change" or "Edit" function on the KwickBite website. Account e-mail addresses cannot be deleted. However, an Accountmay be closed and Kwick Bite will cause the corresponding e-mail address to bescrambled. A user may then open a new Account with a different e-mail address.If you have questions regarding Kwick Bite's use or collection of your PII,please contact Kwick Bite's privacy officer at